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Myan Trans Translation Company Limited considers all oral and written information in the strictest confidence. Before a project is discussed in detail, upon request, Myan Trans Translation Company Limited acknowledges and agrees that documents are subjected to strict confidentiality and privacy procedures throughout the entire translation process and after projects for a year. We provide Project Agreements that include a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to further specify our terms and conditions.

Myan Trans Translation Company Limited can disclose confidential information only to such persons within its organisation who are responsible for and involved in the project execution and delivery. We also sign internal non disclosure agreements with employees to maintain customers' project privacy.

We will protect your data against unauthorised use. We follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of information, which you have given to us, to prevent unauthorised access.

In the event that any confidential information is to be disclosed to a regulatory body authorised by law to require such disclosure, this shall be done in a manner designed to safeguard such measure of confidentiality as is legally permissible.

The information we hold about you may be used to analyse your browsing preferences as part of our marketing program. This may help us to select and tailor products, services or promotions we think you will be interested in.