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Subtitling or Video Captioning

Are you looking for video subtitle service or video localisation service in Myanmar?

Myan Trans Studio offers cost effective and flexible video subtitling services in Myanmar so you can choose a solution that most closely matches your requirements and budget.

We are fast becoming Myanmar's leading subtitling company for business communications and our services include films, documentaries, TV series and so on.

Myan Trans’ subtitle translators and localisers are able to work from more than 50+ languages to Burmese/Myanmar including Asian language captions. Our subtitling linguists are skilled at making editorial choices to facilitate this reduction, ensuring that subtitles are tailored to the nuances of your program and timed to coincide precisely with dialogue.

Our product is a cost effective and efficient subtitling service as a leading subtitle company in Myanmar.
Our process in subtitling services include:
  • Transcription
  • Time coding
  • Translation
  • Editing and Proofreading
  • Encoding/Embed and Finalising


We provide transcription services in video subtitle projects if the client is not able to provide script with time code.

Time Coding

Time codes serve the purpose of defining the duration of each audio segment. Word limit information helps make recorded audio files fit into the allotted timeframe. If you provide English script with time code, we don’t need to work on transcription and time coding. We only need to work on translation, editing and proofreading and encoding and finalising is the client’s option. The quotation rate will vary depending on the need of the client.

Encoding/Embedding and Finalising

Myan Trans Studio can convert SubRip Subtitle files (SRT) into your master video, or embed them into the master video in order to be visible only when selected in the player. As one of the leading subtitling studios in Myanmar, our experienced technicians create video subtitles using state of the art equipment in every video format as per your needs.

Video File Format

Myan Trans is able to accept every subtitling file format and every type of content in the subtitle service. We mostly work on all major video formats including: MP4, DVCam, DVD, AVI, FLV, HDCam, WMV, MOV and Beta SP. Additionally, Myan Trans offers custom solutions for your needs such as TV programs, shows, documentaries, online broadcasting, DVD, commercials, video and cinema.

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