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  Translation Solution for Hakha Chin Language

MYAN TRANS proudly provides professional Hakha Chin Translation Service to the end-clients of a variety of services that include Hakha Chin document translation service, Hakha Chin interpretation service, Hakha Chin localization service, Hakha Chin transcription service, Hakha Chin voiceover service, Hakha Chin dubbing service, and other Hakha Chin language-based projects with attractive price.

Myan Trans promises 100% quality Hakha Chin translation service from other source languages to Hakha Chin Languages or Hakha Chin Language to other target languages, vice visa.

Native Hakha Chin Translator

Hakha Chin

Identifier cnh
Language Name(s) Haka Chin, Hakha Chin
Language Type Living

What is Hakha Chin language?

Hakha Chin language also known as Lai, is derived from Tibeto Burman family. The Hakha Chin language is mainly spoken in Hakha Chin State, Myanmar and other languages such as Jinpho, Lisu, Lashi, Rawang, Zaiwa, Lhao Vo, Achaung are also used.

Hakha Script

Hakha Script

Hakha Chin language writing is based on Latin alphabet consisting of 23 letters. The language is simplest writing style, and very little use of diacritical marks, originally created by American Baptist missionaries in the late 19th century.

Ola Hanson, one of the first people to establish an alphabet, arrived in Myanmar in 1890, learned the language and wrote the first Hakha Chin–English dictionary. In 1965, the alphabet was reformed.

Hakha Chin People

More than 1 million people speak Hakha Chin language and they live in norther part of Myanmar, across Myanmar, some are in Yunnan State, China, and India. Very few Hakha Chin are living outside of Myanmar.

Majority of Hakha Chin people are Christian and very few are Buddhist.

Hakha Chin People

We work with native Hakha Chin Translators

MYAN TRANS closely works with professional Hakha linguists who hold university degree in Myanmar and abroad. Each of our professional native Hakha translators are able to produce 2,000 to 2,500 words in English source words or 8 to 10 pages in a day. The qualified Hakha translators translate various documents in different industry of clients. Total of daily productivity for Hakha translation are 20,000 words or 50 pages by our 10 Hakha linguists. Using CAT is familiar with them and easy to learn other new translation platform by the request of the client.

Most of our Hakha translators live in Myanmar and rest of them live outside of Myanmar such as Thailand, China, Bangladesh, Malaysia, United States, United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Netherland, New Zealand, Australia and so on. The Hakha linguists are capable to work for translation and interpretation. We honestly promise the productivity of Hakha translation and interpretation service is accurate, reliable and qualified. MYAN TRANS always received highly recommendation from the clients showing their satisfaction. Hakha translation and interpretation including voiceover and dubbing service by MYAN TRANS is the great benefit for your language requirement.

Hakha Chin Language-basedservices MYAN TRANS provides:

  • Hakha Chinto English Document Translation Service
  • English to Hakha Chin Document Translation Service
  • Hakha Chinto Other Target Language Document Translation Service
  • Other source languages to Hakha ChinLanguage document translation service
  • Hakha Chin Interpretation Service
  • Hakha Chin Localization Service
  • Hakha Chin Audio Transcription Service
  • Hakha ChinVoiceover Service, and
  • Hakha Chin Dubbing Service,

Milestone of Myan Trans for Hakha Chin language service

Myan Trans has proudly achieved its milestone, more than 100 + Hakha Chin language-based projects which are:
  • English to Hakha Chin translation projects (5,000,000 words or 15,000 pages),
  • Hakha Chin to English and other target language (300,000 words, 1,000 pages)
  • 200 hours Hakha Chin interpretation service,
  • 1,300 hours audio transcriptions projects,
  • 30 hours Hakha Chin dubbing and voiceover projects, from 20 local and international clients since the company started in 2018.

Hakha Chin Translation Service in Domain Sector

  • Advertising
  • Consumer products
  • Entertainment and Media
  • Environment
  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Public Relations
  • Tourism
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Biotechnology
  • Defense
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Insurance
  • Medical
  • User Manuals
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Telecom Industries
  • WebSite Localisation
  • Human Resources

Why clients select Myan Trans for Hakha Chin translation service

  • Translation by 100% native language experts
  • More than 10 years’ experience in the translation industry
  • Confidentiality Guarantee
  • Competitive Market Rate
  • Timely Delivery
  • 100% Client Satisfaction