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  Translation Solution for Ta’Ang/Palaung Language

Myan Trans proudly provides professional Ta’Ang Translation Service to the end-clients of various service such as Ta’Ang document translation service, Ta’Ang interpretation service, Ta’Ang localization service, Ta’Ang transcription service, Ta’Ang voiceover service, Ta’Ang dubbing service, and other Ta’Ang language-based projects with attractive price.

Myan Trans promises 100% quality Ta’Ang translation service from other source languages to Ta’Ang Languages or Ta’Ang Language to other target languages, vice visa.

Native Ta Ang Translator

Ta’Ang Language

Language family Austroasiatic Khasi–Palaungic, Palaungic, Palaung–Riang, Palaung
Writing system Burmese, Tai Le
ISO 639-3 Variously: pll – Shwe , pce – Ruching , rbb – Rumai
Glottolog pala1336

What is Ta’Ang language?

Ta’Ang also known as Palaung, is a Mon–Khmer dialect cluster spoken by over half a million people in , Shan State, Myanmar, and neighboring countries. The Ta’Ang people are divided into Palé, Rumai, and Shwe, and each of whom have their own language. The Riang languages are reported to be unintelligible or only understood with great difficulty by native speakers of the other Ta’Ang languages.

There are three main principal Ta’Ang languages.

The Chinese government groups together the Palé, Riang, Rumai and Shwe peoples as the De'ang ethnic nationality. The group also includes the Danau (Danaw) who may no longer have a separate identity from the Palé.

Ta’Ang Alphabet

Ta’Ang  Alphabet

Ta’Ang groups have made use of a variety of scripts to write their languages. In 1972, a standardized, official ‘Palaung script’ was adopted in Palaung communities. Groups of young people have been working to create an improved yòunthòunza, Burmese for ‘office-use script,’ meaning ‘official script,’ to overcome some of the inadequacies inherent in the older systems and in the 1972 script.

During the British colonial period (1885-1948), various Palaung groups used the Shan script to write their languages. Since independence in 1948, these groups have come into more direct contact with the Burmese people and their language, through government and educational institutions. Since the 1960s, the influence of Burmese has become stronger, displacing the older role of the Shan language in Palaung intellectual life. As a result, recent efforts to create Palaung orthographies have followed Burmese models.

Ta’Ang People

Ta’Ang People

The Ta’Ang or Palaung are a Mon–Khmer ethnic minority found in Shan State of Myanmar, Yunnan Province of China and Northern Thailand. In China, they are referred to as the De'ang people.

They live mainly in the northern parts of Shan State in the Palaung Self-Administered Zone, with the capital at Namhsan.

The Ta'Ang (Palaung) State Liberation Army, the armed wing of the Palaung ethnic group, began fighting against the Burmese military in 1963. It entered a cease-fire agreement with the central government in April 1991, but is currently continuing the insurgency. Both the government and the rebel armies have derived benefit from poppy cultivation, which has caused serious drug addiction among the local people.

A total number of speakers is uncertain; there were 150,000 Shwe speakers in 1982, 272,000 Ruching (Palé) speakers in 2000, and 139,000 Rumai speakers at an unrecorded date. Ta’Ang or Palaung was classified as a "severely endangered" language in UNESCO's Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger.

We work with native Ta’Ang Translators

MYAN TRANS works with professional Ta’Ang linguists who hold university degree in Myanmar and abroad. Each of our professional native Ta’Ang translators are able to produce 1,500 to 1,800 words in English source words or 5 to 7 pages in a day. The qualified Ta’Ang translators translate various documents from different clients. Our Ta’Ang translation team can produce 9,000 words or 25 pages. Using CAT is familiar with them and easy to learn other new translation tools by the request of the client.

Majority of our Ta’Ang translators live in Myanmar and rest of them live outside of Myanmar. The Ta’Ang linguists are capable to work for translation and interpretation. We honestly promise the productivity of Ta’Ang translation and interpretation service is accurate, reliable and timely. MYAN TRANS often received highly recommendation from the clients showing their satisfaction. Ta’Ang translation and interpretation including voiceover and dubbing service by MYAN TRANS is the great benefit for your language requirement.

Ta’Ang Language-basedservices MYAN TRANS provides:

  • Ta’Ang to English Document Translation Service
  • English to Ta’Ang Document Translation Service
  • Ta’Ang to Other Target Language Document Translation Service
  • Other source languages to Ta’Ang Language document translation service
  • Ta’Ang Interpretation Service
  • Ta’Ang Localization Service
  • Ta’Ang Audio Transcription Service
  • Ta’Ang Voiceover Service, and
  • Ta’Ang Dubbing Service,

Milestone of Myan Trans for Ta’Ang language service

Myan Trans has proudly achieved its milestone, more than 100 + Ta’Ang language-based projects which are:
  • English to Ta’Ang translation projects (100,000 words or 300 pages),
  • Ta’Ang to English and other target language ( 50,000 words, 150 pages)
  • 45 hours Ta’Ang interpretation service,
  • 150 hours audio transcriptions projects,
  • 50 hours Ta’Ang dubbing and voiceover projects, from 15 local and international clients since the company started in 2018.

Ta’Ang Translation Service in Domain Sector

  • Advertising
  • Consumer products
  • Entertainment and Media
  • Environment
  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Public Relations
  • Tourism
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Biotechnology
  • Defense
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Insurance
  • Medical
  • User Manuals
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Telecom Industries
  • WebSite Localisation
  • Human Resources

Why clients select Myan Trans for Ta’Ang translation service

  • Translation by 100% native language experts
  • More than 10 years’ experience in the translation industry
  • Confidentiality Guarantee
  • Competitive Market Rate
  • Timely Delivery
  • 100% Client Satisfaction