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  Translation Solution for Tedim/Tiddim or Zomi Chin Language

Myan Trans proudly provides professional Tedim Translation Service to the end-clients of a variety of services that include Tedim document translation service, Tedim interpretation service, Tedim localization service, Tedim transcription service, Tedim voiceover service, Tedim dubbing service, and other Tedim language-based projects with attractive price.

Myan Trans promises 100% quality Tedim Chin translation service from other source languages to Tedim Chin Languages or Tedim Chin Language to other target languages, vice visa.

Tedim Chin Translators

Tedim Chin Language

Canonical name Tedim Chin
Other names Tedim, Tiddim, Zomi
Language code ctd
Language family Kukish

What is Tedim Chin language?

Tedim or Tiddim, also known as Zomi is a member of the Kukish branch of the Sino-Tibetan language family. It is spoken in Chin State in northwestern Burma / Myanmar, particularly in the townships of Tedim, Tonzang, Kale, Sagaing and Mawlaik. There are also speakers of Tedim in Assam, Manipur and Mizoram states in northern India. In 1990 there were about 189,000 speakers of Tedim in Burma, and about 155,000 in India.

A script for Tedim, and related languages, was developed in the early 20th century by Pau Cin Hau (1859-1948), who also created a religion known as Laipian ('script religion'). The script is known as the Pau Cin Hai script, Tual lai ('local script') or Zotuallai. Tedim is now written with the Latin alphabet.

The Tedim or Zomi language is spoken mostly in Burma and India. In Chin State(Khamtunggam), it is spoken in Tedim and Tonzang townships, while in Sagaing Division, it is spoken in Kalay and Mawlaik townships (Ethnologue). Dialects are Sokte and Kamhau (also called Kamhao, Kamhow).

Tedim Chin Alphabet

Tedim Chin Alphabet

The Pau Cin Hau scripts, known as Pau Cin Hau lai ('Pau Cin Hau script'), or tual lai ('local script') in Zomi, are two scripts, a logographic script and an alphabetic script created by Pau Cin Hau, a Zomi religious leader from Chin State, Burma. The logographic script consists of 1,050 characters, which is a traditionally significant number based on the number of characters appearing in a religious text. The alphabetic script is a simplified script of 57 characters, which is divided into 21 consonants, 7 vowels, 9 final consonants, and 20 tone, length, and glottal marks. The original script was produced in 1902, but it is thought to have undergone at least two revisions, of which the first revision produced the logographic script.

The logographic script has not been encoded, but the alphabetic script has been encoded in Unicode 7.0.

The characters in the script seem to resemble characters in the Latin script and in the Burmese script in a way similar to the relationship between Pahawh Hmong and both Lao script and Latin script. They are glyphically similar but encode different phonological values.

The script was designed for the Zomi language but is able to transcribe other Zo languages, as there are additional letters and tone marks to represent sounds present in other Chin languages but not present in Zomi. The script also had limited use for Christian literature in the region, as is evidenced by some Baptist documents produced in 1931-32 in Burma.

Tedim Chin People

Tedim Chin People

Tiddim/Tedim are an ethnic group of Myanmar, India and Bangladesh. They generally inhabited Chin State, Southern Manipur and Chittagong hills Bangladesh. They speak the Zomi language (locally known as Zomi pau) which had a total of about 545,000 speakers in 1990. About 380,000 of Zomi lived in Burma with some 230,000 of them residing in India, Bangladesh and further other countries. The Zomi are numbered at about 617,000 people. About 70 percent of the Zomi are Christians, with the remainder practicing indigenous religions.

The Bible was translated into Zomi in 1983, although the New Testament had been translated into and published in Zomi in 1932.

We work with native Tedim Chin Translators

Tedim translators of Myan Trans are native and professional that makes the client to grab happy service. Their background and expertise in translation industry brings MYAN TRANS to produce reliable, quality and unique output. Each of 10 translators can produce at least 1,500 English source words or 4 to 6 pages totaling 15,000 words or 40 pages of MYAN TRANS daily productivity. The professional Tedim translators translate various documents from different industries. Using CAT is their expertise rather than using Microsoft Word.

Most of our Tedim translators live in Myanmar and some live in other countries such as Thailand, China, India, Malaysia, Japan, United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, Netherland, Norway, Sweden and so on, that brings MYAN TRANS to provide 24hours/7days Tedim translation service. They are capable to provide Tedim translation and interpretation service. We promise 100 % accuracy and qualified translation service that makes you to receive the great benefit for your language requirement.

Tedim Chin Language-based services MYAN TRANS provides:

  • Tedim/Zomi Chin to English Document Translation Service
  • English to Tedim/Zomi Chin Document Translation Service
  • Tedim/Zomi Chin to Other Target Language Document Translation Service
  • Other source languages to Tedim/Zomi Chin Language document translation service
  • Tedim/Zomi Chin Interpretation Service
  • Tedim/Zomi Chin Localization Service
  • Tedim/Zomi Chin Audio Transcription Service
  • Tedim/Zomi Chin Voiceover Service, and
  • Tedim/Zomi Chin Dubbing Service,

Milestone of Myan Trans for Tedim Chin language service

Myan Trans has proudly achieved its milestone, more than 100 + Tedim/Zomi Chin language-based projects which are:
  • English to Tedim/Zomi Chin translation projects (1,000,000 words or 3,000 pages),
  • Tedim/Zomi Chin to English and other target language (600,000 words, 2,000 pages)
  • 300 hours Tedim/Zomi Chin interpretation service,
  • 1,200 hours audio transcriptions projects,
  • 70 hours Tedim/Zomi Chin dubbing and voiceover projects, from 45 local and international clients since the company started in 2018.

Tedim/Zomi Chin Translation Service in Domain Sector

  • Advertising
  • Consumer products
  • Entertainment and Media
  • Environment
  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Public Relations
  • Tourism
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Biotechnology
  • Defense
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Insurance
  • Medical
  • User Manuals
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Telecom Industries
  • WebSite Localisation
  • Human Resources

Why clients select Myan Trans for Tedim/Zomi Chin translation service

  • Translation by 100% native language experts
  • More than 10 years’ experience in the translation industry
  • Confidentiality Guarantee
  • Competitive Market Rate
  • Timely Delivery
  • 100% Client Satisfaction